30MHz Repeater

30MHz Repeater

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Strengthen connectivity in any environment

Ensure network connectivity and prevent path loss, regardless of terrain or obstructions in the environment.

The 30MHz Repeater propagates the sensor mesh network. It serves as a router, ensuring network connectivity and preventing path loss, regardless of terrain, obstructions in the environment (ex: walls or metal structures) or propagation medium (ex: level of moisture in the air).

How it works

The Connect can be integrated into third-party sensors or can act as a router that lets you reach even the toughest to handle spots, such as cold storage rooms or greenhouses filled with steel compartments.


Unit of measurement: V (internal) battery measurement

Power supply: Power plug / Battery

Operating device limits: Temperature -40 – 85°C

Ingress protection: IP65

Link to Hort Americas - 30MHZ Brochure