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Grodan AO Plugs, Rockwool Cubes

Grodan AO Plugs, Rockwool Cubes

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Grodan AO Rockwool Cubes

Grodan AO rockwool cubes, also known as the plug, is a hydroponic substrate, and one of our most popular items. Suitable for a wide range of plants, rockwool plugs are effective in growing anything from tomatoes, lettuce, flowers and even aquatic plants. The cubes are arranged in sheets that make propagating and transplanting easy. The sheets fit nicely into a standard 10” x 20” flat.

This is a clean product, no pollutants or harmful bacteria. It does not lock up or release any substances, ensuring all water and nutrients are available to the plant. It is easy to control and steer the growth of the crop to achieve higher yields than seen in soil-bound cultivation. Stone wool can be recycled (eg composting).

Grodan’s stone wool are specially designed for irrigation efficiency and uniformity.

Item Number: 10121 – AO 25×40 10/10 hole (6,000/case)

Item Number: 10123 – AO 36×40 10/10 hole (2,940/case)

Item Number: 10124 – AO 36×40 15/15 hole (2,940/case)

Item Number: 10125 – AO 50×40 K820 hole(1,500/case)


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